21 June 2007

On the Road Again

And again and again and again...today was--and is--a driving day for me. This morning I had a Section meeting for Massachusetts Library Association in Southborough. For me, that is a 1 1/2 hour drive, one way. Then pop into work and scramble to make my trucks and shelves all nice and clean and shiny as after work I take off to Chautauqua for the weekend. This will be a minimum six hour drive. While there is a wonderfully scenic route along the southern edge of NY, I will take the nice 35 mile-spaced rest areas of I-90.

However, this is capped by winding up in Toronto. Yes, TORONTO! Home of the Yarn Harlot, who while seems lovely enough that if I lurked outside her mailbox, she might let me come in for a beer, I think my partner would have something to say about that. I can't even go look for Lettuce Knits. (insert pout here)

While exhausted and slightly overwhelmed by staying up too late packing way too much for a four-day weekend, I am bringing a portable project: my fingerless gloves, being worked up in Malabrigo Seleccion Privada, color f. My skeins are even deeper in colour than the pictures. I am also bringing some fun reading: Jim Butcher, Shirley Damsgaard and C.T. Adams--I should be headed to Salem instead.


  1. That is a lot of drive time. And that lovely scenic route through southern NY? Goes right through Binghamton. Someday you'll have to stop. Have a great time in Toronto! :)