01 July 2007


Last weekend was wonderful and WAY too short. Since it is basically my only summer vacation, in fact, my ONLY vacation for the rest of the year, I will move on before I bring myself to tears.

My brain is pretty much mush right now. My daughter is back to enjoy three weeks of summer camp before heading to meet her brother in Lake George for the rest of the summer. (Well, I guess that could be considered my "summer vacation") We went to Six Flags yesterday, and I don't understand how six hours there could reduce my legs to the spaghetti strands they are today, as opposed to two days wandering downtown Toronto.

But, back to the topic on hand. Chautauqua. This is the one that brought the whole movement together and to a forefront. It is truly a wonderful place, I always breathe easier when there. It is a bit different though. It is a gated community: you can get day or season passes. Most vehicles have to be parked off-grounds, and main modes of personal transporation are bicycle or feet. There is a theatre, an opera house, a wonderful arts and music program, and each week is themed for the speakers and sessions. While there is some newer homes on the north and south ends, much of the center of the community are the summer homes and cottages that have existed for more than 100 years. I was fortunate to work for the Archives one summer, and love being able to go back. I don't know exactly what else to say about it so here are some pictures I took:

Pretty, huh?