24 July 2007

I've Been Ravelry-ed!

I found this site Ravelry through the blogs of the Yarn Harlot, WEBS and MelissaKnits. So, if all three of these illustrious knitters think this was a good thing, well I want to hop on that bandwagon.

Also mentioned was that the site is in beta form and letting people sign up, with invites taking as long as five months. But the blog-swooning that I found coming from all these ladies told me that the wait would be worth it.

And today--I got my invite! I made a quick jaunt through the site, checking out the projects, the pictures, the people. I can show people all my half-finished projects! People who understand why I have a half-dozen in the basket, yet I am still looking at new patterns. I can print a card that lists all my needles! I have been looking for a way to figure out what I need, and staring at all those 14 in. needles made the little numbers swim before me.

I can also catalog and post my stash! That makes this little public library cataloger's heart beat a might bit faster--I know, it takes so little. However, this will have to be delayed until my move is finished. In a fit of packing frenzy, I boxed up all my stash for the next couple of weeks.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to think ahead.

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  1. Adirondack is the colorway I chose and it looks much like mountains with a splash of lake. I love it. I love them all. I love the entire hand dyed universe and want to own as much as possible, in case they run out of dye!!