31 August 2007



As you see on my sidebars, I have been moderately successful with adding some buttons to some of my favourite knitting places. It took me some trial and error, and I have lots of Wordpad "scribbles" on my desktop to clean off before signing off tonight.

The niblets have also completed their first week--well, four days--of school. They have taken to the transition pretty well: they like the new digs, much roomier than before; they enjoy their classes, although my daughter lamented her first day in fifth grade that "she already has homework!" I am hoping to get to the library tomorrow--I am jonesing for some new fiction. While the new Kathy Reichs novel is out, I know I won't get my hands on it for a few months. One downfall for not being the person who puts it on the shelf anymore--I don't get first dibs! I actually resorted to buying a book retail...haven't done that in a while. I really enjoy Patricia Briggs though, and Karen Chance, so this collection was worth it.

Yes, librarians like mind-candy too.

Unfortunately, I have also accomplished putting a big dent in my bank account with the new yarn that Sheri at The Loopy Ewe posted in her "Sneak Up" today. I had just innocently dropped a couple things in my cart to admire: a skein of DC Cocoa Kiss, one of Fleece Artist Somoko, some ShibuiKnits.

But then, I saw the sock blockers. They look like a necessary part of the sock knitting process. You want to make sure that your knitting is blocked properly when you are going to create garments to wear. That was what I was told in my knitting classes. I am going to need them, right?

I mean, once I start knitting socks. Soon, I promise.


  1. Lovely blog dearest! You must teach me how to knit, but I warn you - I can barely sew on a button...

  2. Love the new look. So are there support groups for yarn groupies?