29 August 2007

Look! Still Time for Books and Yarn!

Life has been crazy-busy over the last month...I have finished my job in western MA and moved myself, my kids, my cats, my books, my stash and all the other items I consider my apartment and landed smack in the middle of central MA.

I have shifted tasks from cataloging in a public library to digital work and web support for an automated library network. It is a steep learning curve since I have little background in either of those fields, but I am so glad that my brain seems up to the task. Plus I am really liking the job, which is a big plus. I am really hoping that I can translate these new skills into a revamp of my blog in the near future. I want buttons! I want a new banner! I want more purple! I want my Oompa-loompa NOW, Daddy!

While I do not consider myself an urban girl, I have planted myself smack in the middle of a somewhat-larger-than-I-like city for convenience to work. Luckilly I am less than an hour from my friends back on the western side, so that isn't too bad. However, this also adds an hour, two counting round-trip, while I try to plan my fall classes at WEBS. I have gotten Color Theory to fit in, now to try to arrange for anther Sunday session.

And, if the stress of moving, beginning a new job, unpacking in a new apartment, sending the niblets to a new school isn't enough...I have decided I want to learn to knit socks. No, I cannot wait until I can take the sock class, which I DO need to take for my Expert Knitters Certification (Sorry, Melissa!) So, I am going to try to delve into this myself.

Now, I consider myself a visual/tactile learner. Put the images in front of me, whether by book, video or demonstration, I can usually pick things up retty quickly. So, I just picked up a new book reviewed in the Fall 07 Interweave Knits issue. I like the pictures, the steps written and shown AND the ability to go off the beaten path with substitute yarns, textures and the like. While I hope to be able to whip some patterns off with size 0 needles eventually, that will not be my first attempt. Size 3 was small enough to purchase without having to put on my bifocals to read the number on the package.

I have also discovered a new site, The Loopy Ewe. This site is loaded with sock and lace yarn and various accoutrements that I lurked around before deciding to delve in. While my first sock yarn purchase is a one-off (ie. not part of a dye lot so one-of-a-kind) skein of this from WEBS, I also could not resist picking up some LL Sport in Seaside. Lovely!

Of course--this could all just be a subconscious plot to increase my stash exponentially. It will probably work too.

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  1. You work with contemporary digital materials and play with timeless physical materials = nice balance. :)