03 September 2007

Labor Day...

A family in Florida just had sextuplets over the weekend. I think that is more than enough labor for a lifetime. Two was more than enough for me.

And, with today being a work-and-school day off for the three of us, I am ready to get us down to the local park to have them run off some of their energy and hopefully regain some of mine. Getting hit with some emotional and physical trauma over the weekend-I am on the upswing--I need some exposure to nature to recharge.

And some knitting.

This is one of a pair that I have been working on since spring. My plan for finishing class projects was rudely interrupted by a new job, moving and a ash of procrastination. However, this has been my "port-a-project". One that I could bring to doctor appointments, lunchtime at work, church, and always put it down and pick it up without worrying where I was in the pattern.

I would like to eventually progress to carrying around my attempt at socks, so I would like to get ONE project finished! So, this comes with me to enjoy the fresh air and the ducks.

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  1. I love communing with the ducks! I think it has something to do with the way we hobble around on our two flat feet...