12 September 2007


I have my bag all set to travel with me to work and play. New size 3 needles, a ball of sock yarn, my book. Everything is all, literally, at my fingertips to be in my hands.

Why can't I seem to get this first sock going then? I have ripped out the first two rows twice now because I cannot get 52 stitches to make an even 2x2 ribbing. I cannot pick up my project at work during my lunch time because I am either eating at my desk and knitting there seems, well, not quite appropriate and then my only other recourse is the cafeteria. Nuh-uh. I cannot settle down in this new space of mine yet. It isn't quite home to me, although I love it more than my previous place with its larger, colourful rooms. Knitting doesn't seem to be a top priority at night when there are still bins to unpack and lunches to make. The flow isn't quite there in my Life--and therefore, the flow isn't happening in my projects.

I guess this happens to everyone, right? I mean, I know it won't last forever. However, a little reassurance and inspiriation would be helpful.


  1. Hey, life is full of those funny cycles - for hobbies, work, love, etc. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't; but the beauty of cycles is that they come full circle. You'll get your groove back again soon. :)

  2. Life is full of ebbs and flows. By the time the new year rolls around, I'm positive that you'll be unpacked, knitting away and totally in sync with your new digs. Have faith, dearest!

  3. Remember my 'unpacking the kitchen' story? It WILL happen - especially if you go with whatever your flow feels like in those moments. Don't worry about the 'shoulds' so much, or you might miss a lot of other beautiful little moments. Your wonderful yarn will be patient, I am sure. : )