03 December 2007


Stuck at Home:

Schools here are closed today, although there is barely an inch of snow outside. Obviously the three-days advance warning of bad weather could not prepare them enough to get the kids in. While my children do have an option for a drop-in at their after-school program--it's full today. I'd rather be at work. I have a lot to do. I have been working on designs for the online catalog that are more "kid-friendly". I think that some librarians believe that kids are a lot less savvy than they are, demanding bright colours and simple buttons, with words in BIG LETTERS.

I think kids know more about finding stuff online than WE do!

Stuck in a Rut:

One thing I have discovered about myself is that it is hard to leave my comfort zone--or at least I can give good long mental arguments why I shouldn't. I have been living in this new town for three months, and haven't made any new friends or found anything that inspires me to try.

The onset of winter isn't helping with that. I don't function well when earth turns grey and sleeps for the next few months. Nothing is bright and colourful, joy is hard to find when everything appears flat.

I guess right now I need to find the inspiration, the colours, the joy inside myself. Outside will turn with the seasons.