31 December 2007

Thoughts of Old and New...

Well, I lost this month somewhere. Between birthdays and deaths, endings and beginnings of years, I realize it is time to take stock in the Haves and Have-Nots of my Life. What exists, what I hold on to, what I let go of--and acknowledge that while those may not have been the best choices of the past year, they were my choices.

I attend a UU church, and during every service is the time of Joys and Sorrows. While I did not stand at the front of the congregation yesterday, I recognized that my year has been full of both. As the next year will be.

To me, resolutions rarely stick. I have never lost that last ten pounds since my last child's birth, never paid off the credit cards in one fell swoop, never reconnected to those lost through time. However, this year I hope to make some promises to myself, not for ego gratification, but for true changes in my lifestyle.
For me, I desire a path of self-sufficiency, both inward and outward. The blog 100-Mile Diet has this on its New Years post:

Take time; go simply; choose connection over consumption; live deeply in the place you find yourself. Remind yourself to care.

Of course, I care about getting a new tattoo this year also...and finishing my knitting WIPs. I have another year of moments ahead of me to help with that.