24 January 2008

Best Laid Plans

I will totally admit that I am a detail-oriented person. I deal well with the tangible things, so if there is an opportunity to figure things out ahead of time, to schedule and arrange, I am on it.

And that is when the Universe will usually giggle and throw the banana peel in my path. I fall for it every time.

My daughter was born with a congenitally malformed tibia, which allowed the top of her foot to lie flat against her shin for many months. Over the years, it has straightened out, but she has been monitored for a surgical procedure that is timed to happen before her major growth spurt. As she just turned 11, her orthopedist finally gave the go-ahead, and I meticulously scheduled vacation time, wrote letters to the school to make up homework, booked a hotel room in case of bad weather--being January in the Northeast--and arranged for care for my son and the cats back home.

Which meant my daughter went and got a bad cold and fever the night before the surgery. Postponed until next month, more plans have been made, all with the knowledge that NOTHING is carved in stone.