24 February 2008


Lots of stuff over the last few weeks, spread all over my world:

1. My supervisor resigned at work, leaving me with the responsibility of the digitization repository and essential Webmaster duties of our website and intranet. We have multiple projects looming on the horizon: grants, OPAC changes, and Drupal. I am neck deep and loving it. I work best under pressure--so move up those deadlines and let me pour on the speed!

2. My children are enjoying their winter break at the grandparents. I am enjoying cooking for one - stuff that is not breaded or needs ketchup as accompaniment. Of course, I slobbed until this weekend, resulting in one of my usual rushes to get things DONE under pressure of time. But, as said, that is nothing new.

3. Knitting! I finally, FINALLY, picked up the stitches of the collar for my daughter's sweater. It will be finished and blocked this week. She will be excited to finally have the sweater I have worked on for many (ahem), many months, and I will finally have something to show Pixie for my certification! Sometimes procrastination doesn't drive accomplishment; guilt does. AND...I am taking a dyeing class with the Kangaroo Dyer and MelissaKnits' sock class this spring and summer! Yay for me!

4. Almost all of my seed orders are in, I think. Trying to decide what I can use, or preserve, versus what I look at and say "OOH! Gimme THAT!!!" was difficult at times. Right now I have coming:
  • Tomatoes - Gonzales, Roma, Royal Chico and Tumbling Tom. This last one I will try in a hanging basket on the porch. The others will go in paint buckets in the backyard.
  • Herbs - Genovese Basil, Cilantro, Chives and Rosemary.
  • Greens - Romaine and Shanghai Bok Choy
  • Other veg - Little Finger carrots and Munchkin broccoli
  • Fruit - Strawberries - Red Wonder and Temptation and Top Hat Blueberries
With an early birthday present of grow lights and a seed tray, plus a couple egg cartons, I should have enough room to start them one they arrive.

I leave for my parent's house tomorrow to attempt my daughter's surgery again. She fell ill the night before last month, causing the delay to now. Being the tween drama queen that I adore, it has been reported she has been stating she will be sick again. I fully believe in free will, but if anyone knows how to bind hers up until Wednesday afternoon, it would be appreciated.