05 April 2008

Hop Hop

That title would be in celebration of the class I am taking tomorrow at WEBS - a Day with the Kangaroo Dyer! I am excited to meet Gail, because I have a couple piles in my stash of her work, and she does such lovely things with color.

Back in my younger days - I was an artTISTE. Well, at least in my own head, but I did love art and color was such a wonder to work with. So many shades and tints - so many names for green and blue! It was impossible to touch them all. In college I worked in the paint shop at the theatre department, and kept the color wheel close at my side.

I haven't had many reasons to be able to swirl around in color again, except playing with my kids varied collections of markers. I took the knitting Color Theory class this past fall, and laying already dyed yarns next to each other to complement and confuse - it was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I hope to create all that.