26 June 2008

Quick Notes

Lots of craziness over the last week:

1. The niblets finished school - one by the skin of her teeth - and are safely ensconced with the grandparents for two weeks. They are going to be touring this summer - start with the grandparents, then back home for a couple weeks of summer camp, then with a family friend for travel in NY and camping, then back to the grandparents. I know summer has just started, but I think it will fly by quickly.

2. I got a new job! Well - I got a promotion. My supervisor decided that he wanted to be back among people for his work. Reference librarians, always have to deal with the people to be happy. That was why I became a cataloger - I don't mind being shut away from mankind for weeks on end. But, I have now been promoted to his position, which means A. more money! and B. more responsibility. and C. My own office. All in all, very good.

3. I am going on vacation! Today I leave for western NY to join a friend and head to Toronto. We love Pride weekend, and this will be my third year going. I am such a people watcher - and boy, do I get an eyeful up there! Then it will be camping for a few days around the Finger Lakes.

So, when I get back there will be lots more info - and hopefully lots more pics to support the stories!

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  1. I can't wait to hear about your time in Toronto! Have fun!