21 October 2008

Dances with Wool

I made myself a promise after last year that as soon as I found out that WEBS was sending another bus to Rhinebeck, I would get my spot. I decided not to go last year, then changed my mind last minute only to find that it was full. Really? A bus to see sheep, wool and other fiber arts? Full?

Yup - completely full. Well, I think there was one seat left. I had a nice woman sitting next to me who chatted the entire time about her work and family. It was wonderfully refreshing to be able to talk with someone about knitting without them having a raised eyebrow - but I sure could have used another cup of coffee at that time.
Kristen kept the bus happy with pop questions and prizes. I scored myself a water bottle!

This was at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in NY. Part of my old stomping grounds, although I hadn't been to this farground before. And the map was helpful!

I saw spinners! This is an area I have not gone to yet. I am afraid, very afraid, of what taking a spinning class will do to my yarn budget. Not that I have one, per se, but that is how I justify my purchases.

These guys were hanging out with each other up in the livestock pens. I wonder what they talk about watching all the people coming through?

I had never seen a sheep being clipped or sheared before, and this stand with the head harness makes him look like he is about to be presented to the Kennel Club for judging.

But this is what is received from those lovely sheep and goats. First shorn is quite dirty - but the demand for roving and yarn is what brings us here.

As you see - quite popular.

I met the wonderful ladies from Twist Collective. This is one of the sites on my knitting blogroll (yes, I have one, don't you?) and I was happy to see that they were coming to Rhinebeck. Especially bringing swag - buttons and measuring tapes. Of course, I had to hunt them down by the trail of people with "Click to Knit" buttons proudly displayed.

Melissa was also there at the Foxfire Fibers booth signing her book. I have told myself I may not buy her book until I learn the process of knitting socks two at a time. Prior to that, I must finish my first actual sock. Time is so linear.

This was a choice shot! I knew the Yarn Harlot was going to be signing her book on Sunday, so when I had finally waded into the Socks that Rock booth to see what was left (which wasn't much, after that unending queue from the previous photo) I saw a woman swoop down to hug the person at the register, saying "I brought that hug with me cause I knew you'd need it." I recognized that voice and saw Stephanie disappear into the crowds. As I headed back to the Brooks Farm Yarn booth to look for the yarn I coveted when I walked in five hours before (pictures of THAT coming later!) I saw her admiring the yarn. Magically the crowds parted before me and what was the first thing I said?

"Ladies, could I get your picture? Just pose with yarn!" And with a laugh - that is what I got.

No, I never said I was a smooth conversationalist.

Sadly, I never ran into Amy Singer from Knitty, although I heard she was there with swag (I so wanted one of the euro stickers!) but on tremendous yarn overload and with heavy backpack, I boarded the bus back to Northampton. Stories and show and tells happened all over, with more raffles and prizes on the ride back. I was thrilled to score once again! Even though the once again was also the prize - another water bottle. But you can't have enough of those!

Now I just need to figure out what the next project is...

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  1. Glad you made the bus this year! Looks like you had a blast.

    The SPM shot is priceless.