28 October 2008

Swag and Yarn

To continue my celebration of my trip to Rhinebeck, I thought I would show off some of what I got there.

This would be the swag - as I said in the previous post, I won not one but TWO water bottles on the bus to and from WEBS. Thanks so much to the wonderful ladies who entertained us with trivia! The little purple circle in front is one of the items I got from the ladies from Twist Collective. This is a measuring tape, in purple of course (they commented that I must be a purple gal, which judging from what I was wearing, not sure how they knew) and I also got a nice button that says "click to knit".

And this was lunch! Lamb stew and polenta and greens. I waited a very long time for this lunch, longer than many others had patience for waiting. Wow. I showed patience.

This is the first skein I bought. This is Robusta from Briar Rose Fibers. (For some reason Blogger won't let me upload this the way I took it, so it looks like it is lying on its side). I have wound it already and started a first project, which is this:

This is the Cameo Faggot Scarf pattern by Crystal Palace Yarns, available on their website.

This is Riata, a wool/mohair/silk blend from Brooks Farm Yarn. I heard a lot of people talking about how they cannot wear mohair, so I am glad I am not one of those. This other yarn (also on its Blogger-induced side) was some that I saw and coveted as soon as I entered the stall. I was going to get two skeins of the orange/purple verigated yarn, but watched someone swoop in and grab all from the peg. I was lucky to find this one on a peg below. The purple is a match for the solid, so I think this will make a nice set of hat and mittens, alternating stripes or trim.

The last purchase I brought home - and actually the first that I made - was not yarn, or anything to do with fiber. It was wine. There was one hall set up with food stalls, cheese and dips and chocolate and baked goods. And wine. At least a half dozen vendors. Why would I pass up wine tasting?

I bought one bottle. It is Dragonfly from Montezuma Winery in Seneca Falls, NY. This is a black currant apple wine that was delicious. I restrained myself, and unfortunately they don't ship here to MA. However, I have family in NY and will probably be heading to the Finger Lakes next summer, so they will be on my stop list.

See, three skeins of yarn and a bottle of wine? Totally restrained. Good thing I didn't take pictures of all the stuff I wanted, or this would be a very long post.