23 December 2008

Merry Christmas to Me (a few weeks late)

Okay...I got a little bit lost these past few days (weeks?) due to ice storms, power outages, camping on floors for a week, sending the kids to LG early, holidays, mental strife and visitors! Although it looks like the year is ending on a high note (see: visitor). So, here's a post I started a little while ago...


I admit that I will try to win things through other blog posts, as can be so duly noted from my last post. (Thanks to everyone who voted for me! Even though I didn't win, it means a lot!)

So, I actually DID win a couple things. One that I got was a DVD collection of the latest season of LWord from The Other Mother. This gives J. and I a better option of viewing instead of the "only two discs a month" I have right now through Netflix.

The second was a quick answer to a photo id from Kathy at WEBS. Of course, I KNEW the answer was Brooks Farm Yarn, as I had seen the yarn stall at Rhinebeck, but I did hem and haw for a few minutes - only to discover when I hit enter that someone beat me to it by less than one minute. But the Universe gave me another chance as Kathy awarded not one, not two, but three winners. So, I was in heaven to get an item out of Kathy's stash. Cause you know it will be good!

So, craziness of Life and holidays snowballing, I checked in with her last week about the prize, which she assured me was coming soon. Well, I got my package yesterday, thrilled to be getting a skein of yarn...

But what did I get instead?

Brooks Farm Yarn Riata...not one, not two...BUT THREE skeins! Three lovely skeins of a wonderful wool/mohair/silk blend that I just love to cuddle (Yes - I am one of those people who doesn't think mohair makes things scratchy). Plus a skein of sock yarn. Traveler by Just Our Yarn. PLUS a lovely card, which didn't make it in this shot, from Kathy. You have to love the personal touches, and hand-written notes are becoming a bygone era, unfortunately.

So, thank you to Kathy for making my stash that much better!