03 December 2008

One of My Favourite Things....

(Well, I had been trying to think of a good post for this time of year, and what better reason than for a contest? Louisa from Life As We Know It is holding one on posts about favourite toys, so take a look! )

This is the time of year when the lists begin. Not that I don't make lists all year, but these are the ones my niblets make.

Of the grand old ages of 11-going-on-12-I'm-almost-a-teen-MOM! and 8, these lists seem to get longer, more expensive and more complicated each year. When I was first pregnant, I swore I would keep "natural, wholesome" toys available to my child. The simple toys of wood without flashing lights and noisy, tinny songs. Or Barney.

Needless to say that didn't hold up in the light of the world we live in, or the gifts from grandparents and the regular birthday party gluttony that occurs. But I still can reminisce about the ones I loved to get when gifts were simpler. And totally based on what I wanted them to have.

My favorite was always the donut stack. Well, that was how it was known in my house. The little plastic pillar with the bright colored rings that fit in decreasing size. I remember it from my childhood, used to see it floating around my aunt's toy closet as I grew older, and made sure to get one for each of my kids (and a couple others through the years). Not only was it great to watch them sit and stack them, on and off the pole, for an hour, but they were great for those sore gums during teething too!

So, I was thrilled to see this in a catalog I got in the mail recently. I enjoy Lehman's very much. I find it to be my own toy catalog, although admittedly my choice in toys seems to range between canning equipment and butter churns. This is not only the classic style of the toy I loved, but it is also made of wood! May not be so good for those sibling fights, but I think it is a great remake of a great classic!


  1. Hi Kristi, Glad you found the comp & decided to enter. Just a reminder you need to link to the comp in your post so do you mind adding that?
    Just putting the poll up now!

    Cheers & good luck

  2. The Poll is up...let you 'peeps' know to vote for you! Poll is in the top right sidebar...good luck!

  3. Voting is now open...just thought you'd like to know!

  4. This was SO one of my favorite playthings - just ask my mom : ) I think there are pictures of us 'trying' to stack the donuts...before the whole musculoskeletal coordination thing kicked in!

  5. OH MY GOD... do you have the butter churn from Lehman's? Is it awesome? Can I touch it? I want one baaad.