08 February 2009

Still Waters Still Shape

I am not a forceful presence on this planet. I am not one of the waves that comes on shore and pulls the sand to other locations. I am not an activist, nor do I see myself ever leading a charge for Change. But, I do have my values, my beliefs, my Truth. As does everyone. And, like everyone else, I am entitled to them nor do I try to force others to my will (Well, I don't at least. I know that doesn't hold true for everyone.)

But, even knowing my waters run slower and quieter, they still run into the ocean. I am a part of the vast pool of Life - as I am a part of this.

Today is the beginning of Freedom to Marry Week. I will be joining hundreds of other bloggers telling tales, spreading news, sharing Hope. Seven Conversations in Seven Days.

My waters may just be a drop in the ocean...but we make a difference.

1 comment:

  1. I love your comments here Kristi...very well said. Although I don't have any personal stories, I support you and all of the bloggers 100%! What a fantastic idea and I too share your hope. We may be different in some ways but I have no doubt that our values and beliefs are similar.

    I suspect this will be very exciting week...I'm looking forward to your posts!

    Jodi :)