11 February 2009

What About Love? Some/thing New

I am participating in the blog carnival sponsored by The Other Mother. The theme is the wedding customs Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue - celebrating Freedom to Marry Week.

Something new to enter my Life this past year has been my gardening. I currently live on the first floor of a triple decker apartment house, with a postage stamp backyard and even less out front. However, when one of the sisters on the second floor moved away, I was given access to the plot of land next to the front walkway. About 20 square feet, it sure didn't meet my dreams of cornrows or pumpkin patches, but it was still a place to plant seeds.

I hope I am starting to become a throwback to my grandfather. I grew up in a multi-generational household, and my childhood home, while less than an acre of land, was pure bounty and beauty. Vegetables and flowers all over, lilac bushes bordering the yard, wild raspberries next to the garage, and enough rabbits and woodchucks to please our fierce Siamese hunter. It was a place to watch plants grow, flowers bloom - and was totally underappreciated in my youth.

We eventually moved, and it forced my grandfather to have a smaller patch, just a few rows of roses and other flowers. Then he grew too sick to keep that up. My grandfather has been gone for over thirteen years now - but I am finally seeing that his spirit still continues.


  1. I am moved by your continuation of your grandfather's gardening spirit. Through gardening you are honoring his memory and celebrating the spirit of Life! Whenever I'm gardening I like to think of my grandmother, who passed away 10 years ago... she had a small but prolific garden in Italy with abundant strawberries, zucchini, and all sorts of goodness, as well as the most glorious rosemary bushes. I was so pleased to learn that rosemary is the herb that means "remembrance."

  2. That was beautiful. "fierce siamese hunter"...sounds lovely.