04 March 2009

Best Laid Plans

...of those who like to plan things. J. and I are similar that way. We have to, living states apart.

So, with the baby due at the end of March, and a week's visit that included a doctor appointment to show everything was progressing nicely, I booked my ticket to come out around the due date. She made a birth plan to make sure that I would be able to be there, but had back up plans of a doula and friends. Just in case. Not that we were expecting it. But Just In Case.

Well, JIC is here in force. J. went into labor around midnight. Three weeks early.

I am 950 miles away and cannot leave. I can send peace and love and good energy through the Universe to her, and speak to her on the phone, but cannot hold her hand.

So, I am in the proverbial waiting room. I am not a patient person. This really sucks.

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  1. Oh Kristi...I'm so sorry to hear that. :( Darn babies! BOTH of my kids were born exactly 3 weeks early. It happens but it doesn't mean it doesn't stink. :(

    I'm sure she knows you are with her, even if you aren't right there. Hang in there OK? I'm looking forward to hearing how everything went.

    Take care,