20 March 2009

Garden Views

Spring is in the sir...especially today being the first day of Spring. My son woke up cheering that it was the first day of Spring, and he "has been waiting SO LONG!"

Needless to say, I didn't break his heart by reminding him it was only in the 30s today. Why would I do that?

I was excited to see the articles at Kitchen Gardeners International, and later today on People (Yes, I read it online. Everyone has their weaknesses. Mine include coffee, good yarn and celebrity gossip.), about the new White House Garden that will be created. Shovels turned soil today for an 1100 square foot garden that will supply not only the White House Kitchen but a local food pantry. It will not only be a wonderful, and hopefully sustainable, organic fruit and vegetable garden, but plans are to make it an educational garden for children, including the Obamas' daughters. Supposedly there will be a working beehive too. Yum.

I know I am excited to start my seeds. From the blogs I follow, I am not the only one. Hope that everyone finds a way to enjoy their first day of Spring - and those that follow