29 April 2009


"Life is a Journey, not a Destination." Ralph Waldo Emerson

It hasn't been a very settled past few days for me. The sun and heat haven't been able to burn off the sense of cold sadness that trickles in. My Life isn't bad; I have a job, a home, the love of my children. But, sometimes, it is the things that are missing that speak louder than the quiet flow of what exists.

Last night I didn't sleep very well. Up at 3, tossed for a bit, drifted in limited wakeful napping for the next couple of hours. But, I fell asleep deep enough to dream, and more importantly, remember it. That doesn't usually happen....

I was in San Francisco to attend an old friend's wedding, one I haven't seen in person for years. A beautiful old house with turquoise-colored bathroom and a living room filled with books. The ceremony wasn't formal, being inside in a room with people gathered in a circle. I held the rings - but they weren't for their hands, but for their wrists. Bracelets of wood and woven leather to wear.

After the ceremony my beloved disappeared into the turquoise bathroom, as I wandered around the living room. Small and lived in, covered with plants and set with several personal altars. On a table were several books: Wiccan, crystals, dreams, etc. I immediately picked up one about discovering or creating your own wand. I knew that I needed to find my wand. I knew that it held the key...to something. A man's voice to my right spoke, "We are rewriting that one, you know." I turn to see who spoke those words...

And then I woke up, with a sense of peace of Self I haven't had for a while. I wanted to confirm it, and for me, that means consulting my Rune Cards (Blum Deck). So this morning I shuffled and pulled:

Ehwaz - Movement (Transition, forward journeying)

Mannaz - Self (Search for inner Self)

Weddings in dreams tend to come at stressful times, and many say, beyond the integral touch of bonds they portray, can mean a reunion of sides of the Self. Dreaming of wands is to find yourself in a position of influence, both over others AND your Self. And the cards...Well. Okay, I get it.

Sometimes I just need a little reminder that the Self will keep marching on, whether or not your heart is in it. And do I really want to walk my Path that way?

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  1. what does it mean if I dream that I am in an airport bathroom being wrongly arrested for murdering some girl's boyfriend (a girl who had no accent until the police arrived and then was barely able to speak English) because there is blood on my shoes, while a friend stands by telling me all will be well and we'll "...clear this up"?
    Keep moving. More will be revealed.