16 May 2009


I have been making a lot of cosmetic changes recently (nothing surgical, thank you), the latest of which you can see here on the blog.

I have been in a total Web 2.0 high from work this week. A lot of code work for some new enhancements in the catalog plus evaluation of where we can reach our libraries, and their patrons, and how social networking is reaching further and further into the business and service models. Facebook definitely has a toehold in that, and I'll be exploring that for my organization. I even stepped into Twitter, as you can see in the right column. Cause there are people who just cannot get enough of me! Someone, anyone? *crickets*

Anyway, last weekend I went to the nursery and picked up a bunch of plants (I also put a lot back - next time!). I have been drawn back to my bookcases and have been rereading Ellen Dugan's Garden Witchery, plus her new Garden Witch's Herbal. A font of knowledge in both. I am putting together a little faerie garden in the front planter this time: foxglove, lavender, coneflower and violets. The tomatoes are getting tall and hopefully will go out next weekend in the plot next to the kale that is just starting to come up. I am debating digging out my strawberry pot and trying that once again.

That same weekend I finally found a new nightstand. I have been looking for one for a while, scouring flea markets and Craigslist. I didn't want some Target pressboard newness, I wanted one I could do something WITH. Well, at the UU Church yard sale, in between making sure my niblets didn't buy anything back I had donated, I found a sturdy and well used stand for $5. The back was coming off, the varnish was worn off in spots, along with the stain. I walked past it the first time even though it was calling loudly, but could not go home when I realized what I could do: strip it, paint it, change the drawer pulls. I will make it mine. Another new cabinet and some new curtains, a serach for a reading lamp, I am finding the space fits me better now, and the energy I have committed to it reflects back.

I am not sure if Mecury Retrograde has been moving me along this way, because normally it just kicks me in the pants and makes me not want to speak to anyone for three weeks. For those of you who are not sure of the affects of Mercury Retrograde - check out About.com here and my friend Sharita Star here for some explanations - trust me, it is hard at work. I am not sure my communication has been up to par, but I have definitely been reevaluating mySelf. And it is bringing about reDesign in many ways.

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  1. I hope you will take photos of your garden, as well as your new and improved night stand when it's finished. It sounds like you are in a good place...and feeling very creative. That always makes me feel good. :) I love the new design, it's inspired me to make some changes of my own...when I can...there are just not enough hours in the day! :)