08 June 2009


The scent drifts onto the front porch some days. I have three lavender plants in the front - and one of the Munsteads was just blooming. I didn't harvest the plant I had last year. It isn't a lot, but there are still closed buds on this plant, and many, many more on another.

I've been looking for a simple project to break in my sewing machine. It intimidates me a little, and I have only used it to hem my daughter's curtains. However, I think some sachets may be just the ticket.


  1. I love the stuff. Min has not made it's presence known. I think it may have gotten too cold :(

  2. I think sachets are perfect for breaking in your sewing machine. I have an eye mask that has lavender and flax seeds in it. You keep it in the freezer and put it on when you have a headache- it works wonderfully! That would be another great project when you get a little more comfortable with the machine.