01 June 2009

What Makes a Family?

Today is Blogging for LGBT Families Day. Across the US - and I am sure many other countries - people are writing about the effect of being a gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered parent, a child of one, a relative, a friend, a supporter - maybe even a non-supporter (I will respect your opinion, but I won't read agree with it).

You can find a lot more posts through Mombian, and co-sponsored by the Family Equality Council.

Right now, I am single. I have been married to, then divorced from my children's father. I have been in relationships both before and after with people of both genders. I have sat in my son's class with all the other parents listening to a presentation from one about "my two Moms", and had discussions with my daughter about hearing kids tease and bully by calling each other "gay". I have taught at Sunday School and had numerous children picked up by parents, gay and straight.

Being a parent means being responsible for another's life for a long time (some even longer than you expected). It means dealing with laughter, tears, frustrations, homework, driving, dating, field trips, friendships, first loves, first heartbreaks, next loves...and there is no difference.

Except for those who cannot marry, not because they do not want to marry, but because they CAN NOT. California has flip-flopped, many states have said no. I am grateful to be in one state that says YES - and was also the first to do so. I can marry whomever I love, man or woman. But others would contend that my family "would not count" if I was in love with another woman.

But I disagree - for it is Love that makes the Family. And in that we are no different.

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  1. What a great blog post...I just love the way you write.