09 July 2009

Reading List

Summer has brought a lot more to do - and the time passes much faster than school days (Why IS that?)

However, the niblets and I still make it to the library once a week. Not only to receive my fix of the greatest free addiction a person could have (I can have all the books I want for FREE? And I don't have to store them in my house; I can give them back?) but of course the kids also have reading assignments over the summer. Trying to convince them that yes, Dracula is a classic but no, I still don't think they will accept you reading the graphic novel form, has been a challenge.

Especially since the only time I read Wuthering Heights was in third grade. In a graphic novel. This is where the "Do as I say not as I have done" argument gets inserted.

But, I do have a stack in my living room that includes:

How I Learned To Cook: Culinary Educations from some of the World's Greatest Chefs, edited by Kimberly Wit

How To Freeze: Everything You Needed to Know about Freezing and Freezer Management by Carolyn Humphries

The Everything Canning & Preserving Book: All You Need to Know to Enjoy Natural Healthy Foods Year After Year

Childhood Unbound: Saving Our Kids Best Selves - Confident Parenting in a World of Change by Ron Taf

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg

Made From Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life by Jenna Woginrich

I also recently purchased a book that I have read but knew I needed to add to my collection: Plenty by Alisa Smith. In Canada, this was called The 100-Mile Diet, and brought to light the notion of buying locally.

Many people used to think this was a quirk - local buying, canning and preserving, growing food. It used to be a pleasure, a hobby. For many, it wasn't a consideration. But in this day and age, with what our country, even our world, is facing, I believe a lot of the future will be based in the past. Ideas, pastimes, even civilizations are created and destroyed, picked up and put down and picked up again. The Wheel Turns.


  1. I hate returning books. I want to keep them forever and ever, all of them, and I will build them a special house right here where I can go and gaze upon and flip through their loveliness on a moments notice, with my own card catalog (the old fashioned kind without a computer). Sigh.

  2. Oh how I love the library too! I would love to have one of those old school mansion studies/libraries with a comfy chair, writing desk, and floor to ceiling built in bookshelves stacked with tomes. And a globe too- you have to have the globe!

    I completely agree with you about the local eating. I think it's wonderful that people are starting to have their own gardens again, and consider a little more where their food comes from. I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for- and when you're importing cheap food from far off countries you're filling your body with who knows what.

  3. I love seeing your reading list. I wish we were in a book group together. If I ever manage to read a grown-up book again. Lily mostly wants me to read and re-read "Barnyard Dance", "Pajama Time" and "Chicken Soup with Rice."