04 July 2009

What Do June Showers Bring?

Rain has been rather consistent this past month. I have heard reports of 27 out of 30 days had rain here. Don't get me wrong - I love rain. It has beauty - both in sight and sound. Lying in bed listening to the rain fall is a wonderful pastime. Except when that time is 4am and you cannot get back to sleep.

The rain nourishes the Earth. It is a very important part of the cycle of Life, and I would rather have it than not. It makes the days that the sun comes and makes his presence known that much more dramatic.

And the rain's effects can be dramatic also.

This is what I started out with for my tomatoes. The transplants were about six weeks old and pretty hardy.

Now I have these:

Needless to say they are a LOT bigger. I had Romas last year, and the plants were of decent albeit smaller size, not quite 3 feet tall. This year I have heirlooms: Black Brandywine and Orange Banana and Green Skin Long Keeper. They are large plants. Many have topped the stakes I put in.

My only real concern with the large amounts of rain is that there will be not enough sunshine to help produce the tomatoes. But, we still have a lot of July to go. I am hopeful.

I had some new plants this year too, for the little faerie garden I put in out front: foxglove and violets and bee balm. They have grown huge also, overtaking the planter and swooping down towards the grass. While I certainly wouldn't mind them running rampant through the yard, my landlords probably would. But, I did have my first bee balm bloom, and I can see why those insects would be drawn there. Gorgeous.


  1. we found two set fruits on the tomatoes yesterday. I am hopeful!!

  2. I have no idea how to grow anything BUT I ADORE fresh veggies from the garden. I'm so impressed! I'll think good thoughts for perfect tomatoes...but I will admit, I'm jealous! ;)