30 November 2009

It's a House

Change is in the air...

These past two months have been full of them. After a summer of relationship negotiations, of coming to terms and wondering about reality - I cast out on the table everything I had in my heart, plus a few ideas in my head. And I got a lot of answers on the hook.

I got married a month ago. An autumn day of laughter, friends, food and fun, I ended an almost-eighteen year back and forth "can we or can't we?" with a ring and a promise. As did he.

Just over three weeks ago, we moved. The original plan was to settle into my apartment for the winter and look in the spring. We didn't want to move the niblets from their schools, even though it meant staying urban when our souls scream for the country, we are pretty settled in our jobs and but not ready to put down roots and purchase a place.

So, we made the decision for him to give up his place and move into mine. Then three days later, I found this:

Not too long before we moved in...

We went to meet the owner that same night, and shook hands over the kitchen island at the end of it. Then proceeded to flip out in the car on the way home (just a little). It is a rental, but it's still a house. No neighbors footsteps echoing above, no voices below. A place we can make a home for the next years, to settle in and have space. A good yard for the kids, space for all of us plus company. I can have my wash line and composter outside. I get to have my vegetable garden in the back.

And flowers and herbs and berry bushes...a girl can have dreams, you know?

It's more than a house really. Especially now that the boxes are pretty much cleared out. Still some shifting and patching to do, but we have plenty of time to settle in, with winter coming on. Plenty of time.

Because we are home.


  1. How wonderful!! I keep telling the people around me to just have a little faith (in God, the universe, or whatever you choose) and things *will* work out, as long as you are trying. Despite many expressions of doubt and cynicism, we keep finding the resources we need. :) I'm so glad to see that this works in the rest of the world, too.

  2. Kristi, this has me fairly sobbing with happiness for you. sniffle

  3. Sheesh, me too. Maybe it's just the single cup of coffee. Maybe if I have a second and read again I won't be all blathering on myself.

    I am so happy for you all. And so you know, chickens are totally common house pets. I swear.

  4. Congratulations again on your marriage!

    The house is lovely! I'm sure you'll be even more excited about it next spring as you lay your garden seeds into the ground and sip lemonade on that front porch!