24 February 2010

A Wee Bit of Knitting

Yes, finally...a finished project. No more WIP for me!

No, don't look in the basket over in the corner of the living room!

So, I originally picked up the yarn at Rhinebeck in 2008. That was my first trip to the Sheep & Wool Festival and will not be my last. It is Briar Rose Fibers Robusta, and I adored the autumnal colours in it.

I found the Faggot Stitch Scarf pattern online. It is a simple 3 stitch pattern, which made it easy to knit. But I am not a fast knitter. Trust me, ask anyone. (Not those who are still expecting things a year after they were due though. They might be a bit testy.)

I knew that using the whole skein would amount to a very long scarf. Just didn't realize quite how long.

I washed it up quick then blocked it to about six inches in width. As I started pinning it I realized that it was WAY too long for the blocking board, so I doubled it up and started pinning it again. It fit the board length-wise, plus doubled back for another couple feet.

Really, really, long...

I estimate the scarf is around ten feet long. Since drying it has narrowed to about five inches, so the length is great doubled up around my neck.

The colours have also brightened, just a little, so it shines. The open knit of the pattern will let me wear it long after the wintertime.


  1. I LOVE that yarn, Kristi! Beautiful!!

  2. wasn't that originally supposed to be a blanket?? : )

  3. Nice! Guess you'll have to come to Rhinebeck and buy more yarn this year. :-P

  4. Beth - thank you! I really love it too.

    Anonymous - um, if you are who I think you are, then no, it's a different yarn. And did you see the note about not making "certain people" testy about unfinished projects? :)

    Barb - Oh yes, I really hope to go this year. No double booking a wedding THIS time!

  5. Gorgeous! Great work, Kristi! And how I sympathize about projects that take a loooong time... I have a plarn tote bag that I've been trying to crochet for what, 2 years now or something?!

  6. What a beautiful scarf...I love the colors!!