13 March 2010

Little Gifts

I have a post to finish on Bee School thus far, and seed starting for the garden, but I have other things on my mind.

Wednesday was a day to celebrate - it was the birthday of a lot of people I know. Old friends, current colleagues. Plus my mother - a most awesome woman who is dedicated to her family. She did her best to make sure her daughters were loved and prepared for Life. I feel very blessed.

She ended up getting a very surprising gift that morning: a new grandson. My sister delivered her son on our mother's birthday. This is her first, but the celebration was much sooner than expected. Because he wasn't due until the middle of June.

However, all things considered - he is doing amazing for being 26 weeks. It'll be a long journey now, as he will stay at the hospital for several weeks until he is ready to go home.

All signs so far point to a good Path, and everyone is shining a giant light of love and devotion to this new little Life to show him the way home.

I went to see my sister, her fiance and the little one at the hospital on Thursday. My niblets seemed small when they were born (okay, except my son, he fooled us all) but I have never seen one like this.

Little feet with long toes.

He's a peanut. And a fighter.

Welcome to the world, little one. Happy Birthday.


  1. Congratualtions to your sister and happy belated to your Mom...how exciting that the baby was born on her birthday! I know of several babies born early and it's amazing how strong those little guys (and girls) can be!!

    I'm sending good thoughts and positive vibes your way. Before you know it, that *little* peanut will be a *big* peanut and reeking havoc all over the place!! Boys! :) :)

  2. Oh congrats! What a surprise...so happy all is well. My friend was born at 26 weeks and is now 6'4. Incredible. Much love to you and your fam!