27 March 2010

Random Thoughts on a Not-So Random Day

I swear, I will have some more detailed posts coming up soon, however until then:

Bee School is going great! No bees have been interacted with yet (being as this is being taught in a medical school) but I look forward more and more to the day that I have my own hive. It WILL happen!

My nephew is doing well. He's at 28+ weeks now, in technicalities. He had to have one surgery, but has recovered well from that. He may not need heart surgery, which would be amazing. He is off the ventilator and my sister held him for the first time this past week. This little miracle keeps shining.

My seedlings are coming up! Not all of them though, which is a little bit of a bummer, but most. New this year for me are zucchini and summer squash, bush beans and sunflowers. I got lumber for my first raised bed last weekend, when it was sunny and 70 out. This weekend is just as sunny, but in the 30s. Brrr...

For anyone else doing some new stuff in the garden this year, dig this chick is doing a Virgin Harvest challenge. She's a blogger who has inspired me in many ways: as a mom, a gardener, a want-to-be sewer. Check her out for more information.

I went, for my very first time, to an Ostara ritual. The coming of spring is a wonderful time to celebrate renewal. My family connected to the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel though their choir performing at our UU church, so we packed the kids up and headed out to their farm. Besides having a wonderful drive through the country, a tour of their farm, egg coloring and a pot luck, we shared in their circle to find Justice and Peace and renew ourselves. Pages were ripped from a journal of statements of the heart to carry through the year, and I felt mine resonated in more ways than one:

The wild places are where we began. When they end, so do we.

I picked up my first gallon of raw milk today. Our city has a delivery co-op from Robinson Farm. I have been wanting to try it for a while now. Reading the pros and cons these last months, I decided that the benefits outweigh the risks. I desire to take as many preservatives and processing out of my day-to-day foods as possible, and this is just another link in that chain. I am having my first glass right now, in fact. It's different. This may not appeal to many people, but I can taste the farm in my glass. I like it, and cannot wait to make yogurts and cheese with it too.

I celebrate today. For all the gifts and experiences listed above, for the sunshine in the sky and the ground opening up. For my beloved family and friends who remind me that love and joy are a part of each and every moment I walk this earth. And for it being my birthday.

I may just eat cake.

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  1. Such an uplifting post and these days I find I need that boost. I'm thrilled to hear your nephew is doing well and I will keep him in my thoughts. :)

    You are so earthy and it makes me laugh...because I am...so...*not* earthy! LOL That said, I really enjoy hearing about the bees and the milk and FB posts about chickens! I recently decided that I'm going to cook a bit more and keep the processed foods at a minimum. For me it's a time thing but I need to rework my schedule and try and do better! It's worth it. :)

    Good luck with everything and I hope those buds are still looking good! :)