20 October 2010

I am wearing purple

I am wearing purple.

You may have seen a lot of these today - avatars and Facebook photos that have gone purple.  People asking you to wear purple.  It is "Spirit Day", put together for us to show our support in defeating anti-LGBT bullying towards youth.  We have seen too many die these past months.

I feel very fortunate to have not faced this type of pain that these children, and so many others around the world, have and do each day.  I don't have a personal story of my own to tell, but the stories are out there.  As are the messages of hope.  Find them here.  

Or here.  Or here.  Or here.  And here.  And here.  They are everywhere.   

I am proud to show my support.  I am proud to have explained it to my children, with my boy telling me he wished that he had something purple to wear.  I told him he could wear purple in his heart today. 

I am wearing purple.  Are you?