09 January 2011

A Girl Has Goals

I have seen a lot of my friends post reflections on if they achieved their goals and resolutions for the past year, and what they want to accomplish for the next.  Obviously, as in my previous post about goals, I have kept them close and personal to my soul and Self a lot of the time.

However, as I see myself branching more into reading and reviewing and doing more writing as a librarian, I think it would be good to set some personal goals here and watch how I handle them through the year.


I read a lot of books.  I have been a bit lax on keeping track on my reading.  I am on LibraryThing and now GoodReads, plus have friends in both places to encourage me to keep better track, especially as I review for NetGalley and my own blog.  There are a lot of wonderful books out there to read!  I hope to narrow my focus in review reads to my own areas of interest:  fantasy, young adult, cooking, gardening, self-sufficiency and homesteading.  

Goals for 2011:

  • Read 100 books:  I am not thinking this will actually be that difficult.  I have always been a "speed-reader" and reading for fun is one of my favourite things to do. I will be tracking the books I read on GoodReads (if you want to friend me and keep me in line) However, combined with my next goal, I will have to make sure that I keep a good focus on the books too.
  • Review at least 2x a month:  This would give me around 25 reviews this year, which I hope to actually beat this goal hard into the ground.  I would like to review half of the books I read this year, but since this is a new feature for this blog, I don't want to dissuade myself by setting the bar too high.
  • Try Audiobooks:  I have not been a fan of audiobooks.  I listen to music a lot in the car, and many have told me this is a great way to read books when time is limited.  I tried an audiobook - once, when I was eighteen - and didn't like it.  However, like high heels, artichokes, and eBooks, I can give audiobooks another go and may find I will like them the second time around. 

I did give up on heels again though.


Oh, my knitting has suffered some.  I live too far from WEBS to be a part of their Expert Knitter classes at this point, nor do I really have the time and funds to invest.  I did get some projects finished, albeit usually at least a month late.  Other things I ended up losing in my varied stash places, which I am sure will turn up again at some point.  I do love my yarn though, so I have goals here too.

Goals for 2011:

  • Finish Four Projects:  I have one thing on the needles right now.  I am not going to promise anything big to anyone this year either.  I will knit, I will make things.  Some will be gifted, because that is my favourite part of this work.  Sharing it with others.
  • Sort my Stash:  I have a couple (only a couple? I must be ill...) bins in the back corner of my living room filled with yarn that probably I have not seen in years.  Now that I have a spare room I am thinking of making at least one part of it "Craft Central" for the house.  There is already a small work table up there, and lots of room for storing.
  • Get It All on Ravelry:  I love Ravelry.  So much information and inspiration is there!  I have not been as on top of my account as I should have been, and with all the yarn and UFOs floating around my house, this will be a good way to work two issues in one fell swoop.


A woman's ink is never done.  Well, this woman's ink is not, that is for sure.  Not yet. It has been two years since my last tattoo.  While I do have plans for a larger piece on my right shoulder sometime down the line, I think that the idea I have right now is smaller and much easier to fund right now.

Goal for 2011:

  • Get Tattoo:  Simple and to the point!

Other Pursuits:

So much could fall under this part of my blog.  This past year has brought me new gardens, a beekeeping course, a woman's retreat in August, a personal revelation and life-change, and so much more.  Some of this I leave in the hands of the Universe, however some obvious things come to light for this year.

Goals for 2011:

  • Grow My Garden:  I didn't have as great a harvest last year, so I do plan to have my raised beds tested through the extension office.  They will do a general soil analysis and let me know if there is anything I really need to amend before the spring planting begins.
  • Preserve More:  I went out of my comfort zone and made tomato sauce and ketchup this summer.  Not complete successes, however the ketchup is already gone, along with the applesauce.  I now am the proud owner of a pressure canner and a larger chest freezer, so I expect that more will end up in my basement this fall.
  • Take Space:  The retreat I went to in Maine last August was everything I had hoped for and more.  This year I have the privilege of going back as a co-facilitator to the group, and help lead some of the wonderful workshops.

Lots of things to do, but still just moments in my Life. 


  1. You have some amazing goals, I wish you the very best as you set off to achieve them! Have a very happy and healthy new year! :-)

  2. The tat bit reads almost like a confession. "Father forgive me, it's been 2 years since my last tattoo..." It made me laugh.