25 January 2011

In Pursuit of Spring

I swear, I am not going to turn this into just a book review blog.  I have really enjoyed writing about what I have read.  Plus I read a lot, and why shouldn't I share what I think about those choices I have made, just as everyone out there makes those same choices.  So, my other pursuits to share...

I have been knitting!  For a while, I admit.  I am not a fast knitter, but this is one of the projects I will be finishing.  This is the Starburst Hat by Elizabeth A. Cote, knit with Malabrigo Seleccion Privada.  I adore Malabrigo yarn, plus this hand-dyed colorway is in my favorites of purple and green.  I believe I have enough in my stash to do a couple of fingerless gloves afterwards.

I titled this post "In Pursuit of Spring" because it has been a hard couple of weeks for me.  Some of it is personal, but there is just this prevailing sense of dreariness that comes with winter for me.  Winter has its stark beauty, and I do love to watch the snow fall, but the last couple of weeks with a multitude of snow storms and school closings for my niblets and making sure they have their care and that I take care getting to my job...it is stressful and tiring and can make a woman cry.  I long for green to come from the ground and burst from the trees.  I want to see things grow.  I realize that last winter I carried some of this same feeling, but now I have some help to remember that spring is coming.

January may bring snow, but it also brings seed catalogs!  Most of my favorites have already arrived.  While last year's garden didn't do as well as I hoped, this year I will pre-plan a bit more, get the soil tested to make sure it will support healthy plants.  Also I will observe seed-starting dates a bit more stringently.  I get excited to see green again, and I know I started my squash way too early inside.  Only one plant took root outside, and the one zucchini it gave me was stolen by squirrels or skunks.  I would rather grow fewer vegetables better.

So, signs of spring are just a page turn away for me.  I can settle for that right now.