13 January 2011

This is what happens

When the Universe gives me a snow day and these thoughts get into my head about how nice it would be, since I am starting to do some new stuff on the blog with my reviews and just a way to start a new year, to give it a new look.

Between shoveling the 18+ inches of snow my city got on Wednesday, in between having to futz around with Photoshop Elements and resize my uncooperative header about eleventy million times when I changed the blog layout, and after 9 PM remembering all the "real" work stuff I planned to do that sat in my bag...I am in PAIN, people!

However, I am pretty happy with the update.  I changed the template style, along with colors and added static pages.  I moved my blog links to a separate page and culled out ones that were out of date or not working (if you have a blog about one of my "Pursuits" and want me to add you, email me!) along with expanding the About Me page.  I took out my LibraryThing book widget, but added links to find me on LibraryThing and on Goodreads.  Eventually, I would like to start pulling my blog posts together on pages about certain subjects:  book reviews, knitting projects, maybe my underground chicken exploits.  Things have started to heat up again with my quest for chickens, so as soon as I have some definitive information, my readers will be the first to know!

Don't be surprised if you see some other new things spring up here along the way, but I hope you like the new look!