14 February 2011

In The Kitchen

When I get stressed, I bake.

I grew up in a house watching my grandfather bake almost every other day.  You name it, he baked it.  Pies, cookies, cakes, donuts.  I spent many a weekend morning watching him roll out pie crusts, cutting out donut holes, rolling molasses dough balls in sugar.   I always liked to cook on and off through the years, but the last couple I have found baking, the entire process, a way to get my zen on.

This weekend, I was all about the cake.  I have to admit I have been one to head to a box mix the last years, but I am trying to get more and more done from scratch.  Especially since I have been told it is no harder, in most cases, to make a cake from scratch than from a mix.  While chocolate cake goes far around here, I wanted to make one for me!  This meant spice cake.  I adore spices: ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon.  And nothing pairs better with spice cake than cream cheese frosting.  Cheese, in all its forms, should be a part of every meal.

Which led me to a recipe of Buttermilk Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, courtesy of The Hungry Mouse.

Finishing up in the oven.

Turned out on the platter.

This brought me a lovely cake, although the crumb is a little denser than I would have liked.  The recipe suggests that you use cake flour, which I didn't have, instead of all-purpose flour.  I also seem to have a tempermental electric oven that heats anywhere from 15 to 25 degrees higher than what it is set at.  So, I think it was slightly overbaked, but still delicious.

Mmm.  Cream cheese.

But the frosting!  The frosting was divine.  Not too sweet, with enough vanilla to smooth but not drive away the tang of the cream cheese.

I don't frost half bad, I must say.

Of course all of this led to some cookbook reading, which I will be reviewing this week on the blog.  Stay tuned!

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