11 April 2011

And we have germination!

Aren't they cute when they are little?

I have been waiting anxiously for my plants to grow, and the seeds have finally started to show their leaves. The basil and broccoli were the last to poke through the soil. Many of the paper pots were double-seeded to ensure germination, but I still ended up with a couple that had nothing come up.


With the beans getting tall enough to start to shade the others, I knew that some rearranging was in order. I decided to place my spinach and kale seedlings out yesterday. I may be tempting fate, but I think that the other seedlings need more light and warmth and the space than these seeds do. So outside I went on Sunday - I would have on Saturday but was fighting off a fever - and planted whatever seeds I had that could be started before last frost.

I own a couple of hand tools and my favorite one to use is this Oriental Garden Tool I received as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. It helped me rip a lot of roots that have meandered their way through my garden beds, cultivate the soil and the tip is narrow enough to cut a shallow planting row for seeds. Even though it is shaped as a right-handed tool, I have adapted pretty well to using it in my left hand.

So into the garden went my little spinach and kale seedlings, along with a second row each of the seeds. Add to that a row of bok choi, rainbow chard and carrots, and I was pretty happy with this start.

I also used my other cultivator to loosen the soil in my flower bed on the side of the house. I pulled up the dead foxglove and cape daisy plants. I guess I will see if they reseeded themselves back into the bed, but I am not sure. However I did seed some more bachelor's buttons and poppies.

It feels good to see these signs of spring!

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  1. It is so exciting when seedlings come up! I decided to not start my own seeds for the first time in over 15 yrs-- I may regret that.