17 May 2011

Dodging Raindrops

With over a week of rain behind me, and what looks like another week ahead (sigh) I braved the grey, overcast skies on Saturday to do a little outdoor care.

First off, the jungles were taking hold of the lawn, so I pulled the lawn mower out of the shed. I never did the lawn mowing, neither while growing up or when I was married. Luckily I got the instructions on how to start it...which it didn't. So, I checked the gas tank, saw to the bottom and rectified that quickly. We were off!

Then it was time for planting. I still have my tomatoes inside until after Memorial Day, but with the trays of leeks, onions and broccoli my friend Loree gave me, I knew it was time to get those set. I also put out my zucchini and beans. With the temps in the 50s this week, I am a little more concerned about them, but we shall see what happens.

Even after two rows of each, I had plenty of the seedlings left over. I decided to pay it forward to another church friend and got those dropped off yesterday.

Then it was time to check out the rest of the plants. I finally have a bloom! I wish I could remember what this was? (Note to Self: Take better notes!)

This looks like it will be a gorgeous blue when it blossoms.

Look what I found hiding along the edge of the north fence? I do not know if they were planted by my landlord or the neighbor and they drifted? I am amazed they get enough sun. Either I need to move/cut back the bush on the other side of the fence, or more likely transfer the bulbs to the flower bed when they die back.

Rain or not, it is spring!

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  1. Yay spring! Here it has been raining for what feels like weeks (but is really more like five days). Everything is a lovely green, but we need some sun!