01 May 2011

Out of Bounds

Obviously gardening isn't always about building raised beds and starting seeds and planting rows. Sometimes nature reminds you that you can try to take charge, but you aren't going to be in control.

Oh, and that "take charge" thing isn't going to work either...

I was outside this morning cleaning up small debris from the backyard, and checking the seedlings I do have out in the raised beds. While I was picking up sticks, I noticed some really tall grass about two feet from the rasied beds.

Can you see what it is?

I really thought (and kind of hoped) my eyes were deceiving me. I got out my Chinese digging tool and started ripping up the grass around one of the tallest plants.

Yup, I was right. It's garlic.

In my backyard. Scattered among the grass and dandelions I found about a dozen plants coming up. They aren't even next to the garden bed where there was garlic!

The magic of nature.

So, do I tear up my lawn and shift them over to the bed, or let them meet their inevitable end with the lawnmower?
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  1. We have hundreds of these wild garlic plants in our yard, they are literally everywhere. Even if you mow them down they will still come back up in the next week. Don't worry about killing them :)