06 June 2011

Please, Sir. Can I Have Another?

One of the things that happened during Armchair BEA was I started thinking about more about blog intent via content. As I discussed in my previous posts, this was always a blog about me: my exploits and loves and Life. However, I seem to have jumped on the book review bandwagon, both for personal and professional reasons, and I think it still fits well with the overall theme and content of this blog.

So, when I heard about CPD23, I knew that this would be something that I wanted to work on through the summer also. As a librarian, I am always on a quest for knowledge (even when I am not sure where I am stuffing it in my brain) and continuing development, especially in web and technology services, is always welcome.

Yet, when I started taking a look at the content, I was unsure if I wanted to load all of that into this blog. Not that I have not touched on my professional topics recently, especially when it comes to ebooks, but there is enough of a discourse and reflection through the weeks of this project that I knew it would devote a lot of space here. Maybe more than what some of my readers would like to see. I finally came to the decision that I didn't want to mashup this blog any further than I already have, at least for now.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce my new blog. Please welcome:

At this point, it very well may just be for the course of CPD23, however there may be enough information to keep it rolling after the summer. I will probably end up linking back and forth between the two at times where the topics cross, otherwise feel free to read one or the other - or both! :) 

Thank you!