25 June 2011

Summer Starts

I swear, I am still around. This week has been crazy due to the facts:

  1. I had a meeting on Monday for the Digital Commonwealth to end this fiscal year and get ready for the next. We have a lot of fabulous work on the horizon which of course will take a lot of...work. Oh, and did I mention that I was Vice-President this year, which means I am...President...now? (gulp!)
  2. Our network is on the verge of migrating to a new library software system. We are moving to the open-source Evergreen, so not only is our central office working on set up and training libraries and loading data, but I am getting the online catalog to look and work as spiffily (that is my word, even if Words With Friends doesn't like it) as possible for our first libraries launching in July.
  3. My niblets are done with school! This meant getting ready for camp and traveling to NY this weekend and making sure we have everything we need.
  4. Graduation! Well, 5th grade and 8th grade, but my son is changing schools and my daughter is heading to high school, so there were big to-do ceremonies and schedule arrangements and getting adults (me, my niblets' dad and his fiancee) sorted out on who could attend what and when.
  5. I am finally setting up my spare room as a craft/work room. I got a new desk and a deal on some small bookcases for review work. I want a little more storage for my yarn and I am keeping my ex's old drafting table as a place for my sewing machine, but it is coming together.
  6. CPD23 has started, so I am going to be blogging more over at The Plugged-In Librarian the next few months as I work on developing some more skills online. This week has been about blogging. (I may know a little about that.)
The posts will come, the reviews will get done, I swear. I have felt like I have been running near-empty. I am hoping that summer, while it doesn't mean that much time off for me, brings that sense of slowdown that it used to when I was younger. Remember when you ran outside after breakfast and stopped back at the house for lunch then headed home at dinnertime, only to play outside until the sky goes black and your parents insist you come back in? These were the days when the hours stretched into endless time and you had few commitments and it was all good?

Not that it isn't good now. I would just love a few of those sit-on-the-swing-all-day-in-the-sun days. Wouldn't you? Are you getting little sunshine now?