11 July 2011

Mid-Year Check-In

Back in January I gave myself a list of goals for the year and it is time to take a look at where the standings are halfway through the year:

  • Read 100 books: My Goodreads Reading Challenge widget has me at 62 books for the year. 
  • Review at least 2x a month: I have clocked in at 37 reviews on the blog, and am keeping to at least one review a week. 
  • Try Audiobooks: I have still only listened to one audiobook so far. I have some driving to do this weekend, so maybe it is time to track down a copy of Bossypants

  • Finish Four Projects: I am still at one finished with two on the needles. *sigh*
  • Sort my Stash: I have finally gotten everything up to the spare room and am starting to unpack the containers into a storage block set my daughter gave up.
  • Get It All on Ravelry: I am really hoping to see this happen by the next check-in! 

  • Get Tattoo: Time and money are the obstacle here. However, the niblets are going to be away in August, so maybe finally? 

Other Pursuits:
  • Grow My Garden: Well, it's growing? I think that the onions and leeks are doing well. I have tomatoes starting to set. I didn't get my soil tested, and I do have something that is munching holes in the kale.
  • Preserve More: I have a canning party planned when the tomatoes start being available!
  • Take Space: My Maine retreat at the Ferry Beach conference is fast approaching. 
A friend reminded me about 43 Things, which is a place to put personal goals on an internet board. I was thinking of taking a look at it, both for possibility of use and personal inspiration. How are your personal goals for the year? Do you look for inspiration within yourself, or look for it outside?