01 July 2011

Round Up

So, this week has been another whirlwind, yet at the same time a bit calmer than the frantic pace of the last weeks. With a long weekend coming up, I hope to relax some more at my parents' home in upstate NY.

What have I been up to?
  • Still engaging in what I like to call #opaccodewars (so known on Twitter). With the imminent migration to Evergreen, I have tried out multiple online catalog iterations, finally landing on their default interface for now. While the Evergreen community is working on a new catalog based in Template Toolkit, it is not quite at the stage of functionality my libraries need. I am really hoping to see this in good shape by the end of the calendar year, so we shall see what comes of it.
  • I did post over at The Plugged-In Librarian for CPD23. This week was about branding, which made me reflect on the "brand" I have created for myself with this blog, and whether it is still a good step to try to unravel the professional from the personal. I keep going back and forth on it.
  • I am getting the spare room situated for both my crafts (knitting and sewing) and my "writing" area. I tend to do my blogging at the dining room table, which I am thinking really isn't the best place. I want a space away from the rest of the house, plus get my computer out of my immediate eyesight so that I can do other things around the house without checking email every ten minutes. It is almost set, with a desk and a couple small bookcases. Just need to finish a couple more storage areas for yarn and supplies and it is good to go!
  • There was also cooking! The last two weeks I received garlic scapes in my CSA share. These are the green tops of hardneck garlic, which you can cut and eat. It also helps the garlic bulb form better when the tops are taken off. I hadn't cooked them yet, but found a couple people referring to making pesto from them. Of course, I am not really a person that likes nuts. It is a texture, not an allergy thing, but I don't buy them at all (except in their smooth and creamy form). Checking a little more online I found reference to pistou, which is basically a pesto without nuts! So, after chopping and gathering some oil and parmesan cheese, into the food processor they went.
These were some really large scapes!

A dark and somewhat creepy look down the food processor chute.
This pistou has a much more green flavor than basil pesto. Scapes are not even really garlicky, more onion-like in their taste. Delicious!

I took my houseplants outside to the front steps to get some sun and air circulation. It has made some of them really take off with new growth! The flower bed has gotten some blooms in also.

The front stalk is all new growth.

My daughter's sunflower.

Coneflowers coming in.

Lavender always makes me happy.

We cannot forget about the mint! (Lemon, chocolate and spearmint represented).
Some "wild" daisies next to the house.
These lilies have migrated from the neighbor's yard across the back fence.

The garden still needs work. Things are not growing as they should. I am going to have to evaluate and concentrate on building up the soil before planting next year. However, some vegetables are thriving, especially now that we seem to be getting more sun heading into July.

Some small tomatoes are growing now.

One. Tiny. Bean.
My zuccchini is convinced it will grow.

At least the broccoli is behaving.

Happy weekend!