17 September 2011

Beauty Marks

If you haven't guessed from my blog title by now, or haven't been around the last couple of years, I have a few tattoos.

Not a huge amount, but each one has a mental picture, a moment, a memory behind it. Each one etches a piece of history -- my history -- onto my skin.

After getting my first color tattoo a couple years ago one of my goals this year was to get a new one. I knew that I wanted to start on my other arm, and that it would be color, and have something to do with nature. That was about all I had for a while. However, inspiration struck in the form of a story about leaves in fall, and with my autumn lady gracing my left shoulder, falling leaves certainly seemed appropriate for the the right.

I found a sketch image online of aspen leaves on a branch, but knew I just wanted the leaves themselves. So with that in hand I headed back to the place that did my other tattoo, and while the previous artist was not available, another was the next day. So back I went on a Sunday afternoon. The artist remembered my sessions from a few years ago, and we discussed what I wanted. I decided to start with three leaves - as three is my life number and one that keeps its Rule upon me. It will definitely be added to later on.

As gorgeously green as they can be through the spring, it is the fall that makes me smile, so I knew that those would be the colors I would have. He laid out a range from bright gold to burgundy, along with the tools of the trade. With a whir of the motor, the needles began to trace my skin. An hour and a half later, I was done.

Another marker along my Path.