04 September 2011

Reality Bites (of the snippet sort)

Craziness has abounded the last couple of weeks after my August vacation. There was my wonderful break, then oodles of work and meetings and catalog design and web pages and on and on. Then the niblets arrived back and school was put underway. I feel like I am just sitting down at the computer for the first time and actually have something to say. Before now, I have started and stopped a couple reviews and blog posts, but I am here, once again, to fill your feed!

I spent a lovely week in Maine once again at the In The Company of Women Conference at Ferry Beach in Saco. Ferry Beach is a Unitarian Universalist camp and conference center. This was my second year attending, this time as a co-facilitator for my Women Loving Women track. It was an amazing week of sharing and songs, dancing and games. It touched my spirit, kept a smile on my face, and located my heart once again. I am honored that next year, not only will I be going back again, but I will be one of the coordinators for the ITCW Conference. The trust, love and faith these women place in me fills my soul.

Back to work with our impending migration to the Evergreen system and my duties as President of the Digital Commonwealth this year. I have been spending time assisting with training and creating promotional materials for our libraries. Next week I will be doing short demo videos for staff. Of course I have to get back to my other blog, The Plugged-In Librarian, not only for CPD23 but also for all the ebook news that seems to be coming down the pipe. Look for some catch-up posts there also.

Of course it is school time once again! Both of my children entered new schools this year, one into high school. The way it is working this year actually has both of them out of the house before 7:30, which means I get home just after 4. I get to be home when my son's bus arrives. My daughter has been walking home from soccer tryouts, which I am so proud to say that she made it on the team. This was her goal for the last year, after seeing their setup at the fall open house, and it is wonderful to see her reach for what she wants.

There has been homesteading around the house too! I just made some laundry soap, canned ketchup last week and plan to do tomato sauce tomorrow.

Of course we cannot forget the books and yarn (and there was some ink too!) I am looking forward to sharing the details these coming weeks.