19 October 2011

Free Fall

I have sat down in front of my computer at least once a day for the last couple of weeks, trying to get my brain to jump start enough to get the creative blood flow going and write a post. I have even gotten a paragraph or two into a topic before it..just...falls.....off......

I know that it isn't uncommon. That fall into the abyss of not being able to write, whether termed "writer's block" or "loss of inspiration" (or "in need of nap"), is one that I have hit before and been able to struggle out of the pit. It's just been more difficult lately. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself. A girl has goals, y'know. I have work to do: at my job, at my home, at my church. I am redesigning two websites, co-coordinating a women's conference for next summer (which means planning starts NOW), working on a chapter for publication, reviewing for multiple outlets now. Trying to keep up not only on the important professional issues in libraries dealing with funding, ebooks, and technology, but my personal goals with the chicken ordinance in my city, my home life, my gardens, my knitting, my health. Top this off with being a solo parent of two children with their own needs (typical and special), and at times I just feel that cliff crumble out beneath me.

CC Image courtesy of epSos.de on Flickr
 I know that I cannot do it all with the hours in the day that I have (Who came up with that arbitrary 24 hours anyway?), nor does anyone really expect me to. Except me. But I do know that this feeling of free fall comes when I have hit my mental limit. I have to step back and evaluate what I have, what I don't, and what of those things I truly need.

So, things may seem a little quiet here for a bit, but I know this is just the ebb and flow of Life. Thanks for watching the waves with me.