10 December 2011

I Am Blessed

My "baby girl" is 15 today.

I find it to be such an incredible age. For her, it is the first year of high school. With all of its aches and pains and OMGs I have homework AGAIN days, school has come around another bend to its ending. She will be done in three years, then off on another adventure.

And don't get me started about being able to drive in one year - I am not sure my heart could handle it.

Life is beautiful with her, and challenging. The old saying is that little girls are made of "sugar and spice and everything nice". That obviously does not apply to teenage girls. Someone threw hot sauce in that mix for sure.

But it is that extra zing that makes my daughter her own person. I keep her school photo in a frame on my desk. Behind that picture is a succession of school and holiday pictures, going back to her toddler days. It is amazing to lay those down, one after another, and see her change before my eyes. As she has done these last fifteen years.

The Universe is blessed to have her in it. I am too.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.