03 January 2012

New Year, New Goals

Well, it is that time of year when everyone dusts off the "OMG I have to make a Resolution!" mantra.

One thing I learned over this last year is that I tend to overcommit, overextend, overtax my own capabilities - and then either sell myself short and beat myself up or give up doing ANYTHING, including the things I do want to do.

To make a resolution, you have to resolve. To make an action, you have to act. Life has no guarantees either, and that includes being able to accomplish everything that you set out to do.  So, is everything here going to get done? No, but I acknowledge that and know I want to approach things with intent, not just say "I should", but "I will"!

This isn't going to be broken down quite the way I had it last year, however, they all tend to fall under my blog themes:

Reading goals -

I upped it this year by 10%, 110 books this year. Goodreads makes a great partner in this with both their widget and shelves.

I still want to try to incorporate audiobooks into this, having finally gotten a taste of them last year. I will stay with non-fiction titles. I want to make sure that I balance what I read for pleasure with what I read for review, and hopefully there is tons of crossover.

Writing goals

I do enjoy blogging reviews and everything else in my life. I also realize I do like having the "work persona" I have over at The Plugged-In Librarian. I am unsure if I can keep myself split like this, so I will have to see if I will resolve to make sure to post both places, or fold that blog back into this one. I have (another) redesign in my head already for this blog, so I may see this all come together much more easily than I think. (UPDATE: Redesign is done, because I couldn't keep my hands off it.)

I want to make sure that I stay true to myself and my own pursuits with reading. I love to read and review. Now that I am an e-original reviewer for Library Journal, a "Lesbrarian" at The Lesbrary, and am a remote reviewer for Kensington Books, where do my reading tastes fit into this? I want to make sure that I am sharing books that I believe in, not that I just can get hold of or are the "next hot read". I am not entirely sure what that means here yet, but we shall figure that out together! 

Additionally, I do want to accomplish some more work-related writing. Reviewing started me down this road, and now I am revising a book chapter I co-authored (fingers crossed), and I really would like to do some more academic writing.

Knitting goals

One thing I mentioned is that I tend to get things for ambitious projects, then either tuck them away or start them and then....stop. So, I would like to finish the couple of projects I still have, then actually take a look at what I enjoy knitting and what I believe I can manage. 

I do not think I will ever be able to crank out lace shawls or cabled sweaters, but I do love hats and scarves. Knowing how much yarn I moved upstairs to the spare room, it is definitely time to inventory (through Ravelry) and possibly get rid of some of the stash (well, maybe). 

Gardening goals

I tend to get a little ADD about gardening (Pretty shiny garlic!) and have ended up with a hodgepodge of half-grown, half-eaten plants that produce far less than they are capable of. I finally sent off my soil to be analyzed a couple weeks ago, and already have the results back. The soil has actually tested fine: nothing out of balance and lead levels are very low. This means I do not have to balance it with amendments. I do, however, need to scale back what a want to produce to things I will actually eat, not try to cram too much into my beds, and be conscious on care. This means having a plan, and I have the next four months to do that. 

In here I will throw that I want to do more preserving. Last summer and fall I made ketchup, tomato sauce and applesauce. I am out of jam, and lost my frozen fruits and veggies during the Halloween storm. I would like to see what more I can create, and try another recipe I have not before.

Self goals

This past year, I turned 40. It isn't a horribly old age (unless you ask my children) but I know that I have not taken care of myself as well as I could, or should. I have found a lovely women's conference that I have been fortunate to attend the last two years, and will go back again this summer as one of the conference coordinators. So, relaxation and pressure get to go hand-in-hand. 

I have started taking a yoga class this fall, and have fallen in love with it. My ex-girlfriend was a yoga instructor, and I enjoyed the few times I tested the limits of my flexibility. I finally made the commitment to attend a class, making room for it, and I cannot believe it has taken this long to do. Along with this I know I need to increase my exercise, as I have found out that I have high cholesterol. This is not a surprise to me; both my parents (plus all of my mom's siblings) do watch theirs. But, I am getting older, whether I want to or not, and I am the only one who can take care of and control of my body and health issues.  

So, exercise and eating habits really need to be evaluated this year. My girlfriend is a vegetarian, so I can definitely see incorporating more of these meals. Even as crazy as solo mom of 2 gets, I have more time to create better meals, if I create the space in my time to do it. 

All of these actions will not only help myself, but set my niblets on a better path when they have to make these kinds of decisions for themselves.

So, I will resolve, I will act. How about you?