09 January 2012

Taste Test

So, I knew this weekend would be a baking weekend for me, and I had some overripe bananas sitting in the fridge. My usual go-to recipe is banana bread, which is all well and good, but I had a hankering for some scones.

I had never heard of banana scones before though, but of course the trusty internet did not fail me. The recipe I chose only needed one banana, which left enough to make the banana bread also. My banana bread recipe of choice comes from my Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. That trusty three-ring binder that many a mother had sitting on her shelf. Mine does, and this one was gifted to me by her many, many holidays ago, I think the year after I graduated college. It's been with me ever since.

One thing I love about scones is that they have a large range from sweet to savory, tart to laden with onions and bacon. They are so versatile, and are a wonderful snack to have on hand. Plus, I adore bananas and bringing two of my favorite things together is always a plus.

My kitchen helpers. I think they were waiting for me
to spill the heavy cream.

The recipe I used was from a blog I discovered called Cook With Sara. I cannot wait to check out more of her recipes.

The dough comes together nicely.

Getting ready to head into the oven.


I had found another banana scone recipe on The Kitchn site (another fave site for this wannabe foodie) and while I didn't make the scone recipe (this time) I was intrigued by the brown sugar glaze. The original recipe has a peanut butter glaze, and I just could not decide which one to make.

Which is why I made both. What else is a woman to do?

So, I halved each glaze recipe and made them both, figuring I would subject myself and my niblets to taste testing. Each is a powdered sugar based glaze, so they are quite simple. The brown sugar glaze has butter in it, which seems a little more decadent, but as noted in the recipe, you want to eat the ones you glaze immediately, otherwise they could become sticky as they sit.

Like they would last that long.

Brown sugar glaze underway.

Peanut butter glaze is mixed!
After making the glazes, I made up one scone with each and while my daughter would not try them my son was all in for it.

Banana scone with peanut buter glaze

With brown sugar glaze
The results? Well, we loved them both! I think these scones would also be great with a sprinkling of turbinado sugar on the top also before baking, like I will do with muffins. I am sure there are other glaze choices too - like maybe chocolate?