22 March 2012

It's Been Quiet

Too quiet, I know. However, things right now are kind of crazy for me. Why?

I am changing jobs! Starting early April, I am going to become a Library Director for a library in Western Massachusetts, so this also means that we are packing up and moving.

This is a large shake up to my normal routines, as I work on getting things together. It's all new: new job, new town, new home, new schools for the niblets. I am excited, and sad. I have had this wonderful house for more than two years, and while it has seen a lot of ups and downs contained within its walls, I have made it *my* home. I will miss my kitchen and my porch and my garden. Oh my garden! (sniff)

I will admit that I am thrilled to be moving to a city that DOES allow urban chickens, although I will not have them in the place I am renting. (BUT, plans do include them, eventually.) I will also be closer to WEBS, which makes my yarn stash grow just by thinking about it.

So, things will probably stay static here and at The Plugged-In Librarian for a little while until I can get Life sorted and my feet firmly on my Path again. Do not fret, dear readers. I shall return!